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64-Bit P6 Professional installer:


P6 Professional x64 installer is now available for x64 operating system. 



Key advantages offered by x64

  • Handle larger & more complex projects
  • Faster response time leading to better performance
  • Crashes due to out of memory is reduced
P6 information in wave infographic


Language selection at Login

P6 15.2 enable you to choose your preferred language before you login to the application. The Set language option from Tools menu is removed.

Copy Projects as a Job Service:P6 information in wave infographic

 Copy projects or EPS nodes as a job service in P6 Professional 15.2, allowing you to continue working in P6 Professional while the service runs in the background. A notification displays when the service is completed. View the status of the service in the Job Status dialog box. This feature requires connection to a P6 EPPM database.






P6 information in wave infographicAdditional Filter Criteria for Codes:

Primavera P6 activity, project, and resource codes can further be filter on two new criteria’s — Contains and Does Not Contain.

Use these feature when codes share same number or characters in their values.








P6 information in wave infographicSave Resource Selection in the Resource Histogram and Spreadsheet:

 When you select resources in the Resource Histogram or Spreadsheet and then close P6 Professional, those selections are maintained the next time you start the application. This new feature in P6 Professional 15.2 saves time by retaining your resource selections. The selected resource filter — All Resources, All Active Resources, or Current Project’s Resources — is also maintained. The state of the resource histogram and spreadsheet can be saved as part of the layout.


P6 information in wave infographicMicrosoft Project XML 2013 Support

P6 Professional 15.2 enables you to import and export projects in Microsoft Project XML 2013 format. Share project data between P6 and Microsoft Project 2007, 2010, or 2013 by importing and exporting your projects in the corresponding format.






Global Search and Replace P6 information in wave infographic

The new Global Search and Replace feature in P6 15.2 enables you to batch update project, WBS, and activity fields. Create a template and then select up to five fields you want to update. For example, search for activities with a Primary Resource of Ian Vincent and a Start date that occurs after 01-Oct-15, and then replace with a different Primary Resource. On the Review Changes page, de-select activities that you don’t want to change and select different values for fields that need further modification.

The Global Search and Replace feature runs as a background service.




P6 information in wave infographicClose All Open Projects from the Right-Click Menu

The Close All option is added to the right-click menu on the EPS page. Right-click any row and select Close All to close all open projects.



P6 information in wave infographic

View Usage When Assigning Resources

P6 15.2 enables you to access resource usage details when assigning a resource on the Activities or Assignments pages. In the Select Resource dialog box, click View Usage to view the selected resource’s usage data in a spreadsheet or histogram. This feature allows you to quickly access resource allocation data when deciding whether to assign a resource.



P6 information in wave infographicFilter on Rolling Dates

P6 15.2 enables you to filter data on the EPS, Activities, and Assignments page based on rolling dates — dates or date ranges that automatically update according to time or project data changes. For example, Current Week is a rolling date that changes over time and can be applied to a selection of date fields. As the Current Week changes, different activities are filtered according to the rolling date applied. Create rolling date ranges by adding upper or lower limits. For example, Actual Finish within range of Current Date and Current Date Plus 2 Weeks will display any activity whose Actual Finish is within the next two weeks. Use rolling dates to display a dynamically updating selection of projects, activities, or resources based on the parameters of the filter.

P6 information in wave infographic

Import and Export as a Scheduled Service

P6 15.2 enables you to import and export projects as scheduled services — for example, make weekly backups of your projects or share project and baseline data with another organization. Do so by creating an export service to run at a specified time. You can create multiple import and export services to fulfill different processes within your organization.



P6 information in wave infographicPublish Baselines Immediately

P6 15.2 enables you to publish selected project baselines as an ASAP service without having to republish the entire project. This feature is useful in situations where baselines have been added or updated since a project was last published. Publish baselines to bring the necessary reporting tables up to date. You must publish a project before you can publish any of its baselines.


Database Auditing ImprovementsP6 information in wave infographic

Auditing reports on database tables are faster, more informative, and easier to read in P6 15.2:

• Performance improvements allow you to generate larger auditing reports in less time.

• The report format is updated to include more information regarding database table changes, the user who made the changes, and the application in which the changes were made.

Publish audit data as a Global Scheduled Service to update tables for reporting.




P6 information in wave infographicExport XML as a Job Service

 Export projects in XML format as a job service, allowing you to continue working in P6 Professional while the service runs in the background. A notification displays when the service is completed. In the Job Status dialog box, click Download File to download the XML file. This functionality is not available in Standalone mode.





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