LogiKal Projects provides the structure and processes necessary for our clients to be in control of their projects and obtain the comfort of knowing where they plan to go, where they are now, how they are performing and what, if any, management action is required.

Our view is that an organisation can optimise its ability to successfully deliver projects through the consistent application of robust processes.  We can assess the current state of your organisation’s processes, and  work with you to augment your existing processes.  Alternatively we can design and implement bespoke, integrated controls processes and procedures to meet your specific requirements.

Through this interactive process, we bring together scope, time, cost and change control data into an integrated picture of how well the project is performing. As a result, it allows our clients to make earlier management interventions to ensure a more predictable outcome. It also enables insight to the causes behind performance issues.

The processes enable data to be captured across a programme of projects in a consistent and timely manner resulting in improved control, lower risk, better analysis, improved cash flow and appropriate management action.

LogiKal Projects consultants use Earned Value Management as one of the performance measurement tools. This provides a discipline that engenders good project management and provides an early indicator of the health of the programme from primarily a cost and schedule perspective.

We are experienced in building and running effective programme management offices (PMOs) that ensure projects are controlled within set boundaries and visibility of the programme is provided to executive management for effective decision making.

Ensuring an organisation’s PMO that is run and managed effectively is key to project success. LogiKal Projects can work with your organisation to assess the current state of your PMO, design an optimal solution and provide skilled resources to run it if required. We have also developed the Active Programme Management Office (APMO) which is a complete, fully customisable project management solution that we can use and give our clients access to.


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