Projects need expertise and quality resources to be delivered, they can only succeed when the right people work effectively as a team. We can provide managed teams or embed individuals into your project team for short or long term engagements. We are flexible about how we engage with clients – if we have the right person and you have a need we will find the right solution.

Our consultants partner with project teams and stakeholders to ensure a realistic, workable solution is developed. We do not just drive the software tools but focus on communication, identifying and solving problems with process, organisation or data structures. We are constantly liaising with the project team to ensure solution ownership remains with them and a successful outcome is achieved.

The LogiKal Projects team ensures the right balance is achieved when project controls are established to ensure there is no misalignment between disparate systems and that together they support a focus on delivery drivers. We have experience in managing a wide range of contract forms and have strong contract administration expertise making us well positioned to meet clients’ commercial needs. Commercial reporting via project controls aligns with schedule, change, opportunity and risk to ensure clear and consistent communication exists across the entire project.

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