Local Government has the difficult task of delivering improvements across their region, often with a limited budget. With increasing public focus, it is particularly important that Local Government effectively control the delivery of improvement projects to ensure delivery on time and budget. Raising the capability of the Local Government team, as well as improving their processes and systems is a strong enabler of this outcome. Limited budgets and the associated level of complexity often drives the need for simplistic solutions rather than complex ones to provide this, but governance and control is required nonetheless.

Whether to support an organisational transformation journey, or simply to upskill specific individuals within your team, LogiKal can provide a framework to work within and enhance your organisations Project Management capability, drawing on not just theory but LogiKal’s experience delivering projects. Whilst having solutions on offer, LogiKal focusses on getting the most out of your existing team and the resources you have available to you. They support throughout the transition and beyond it to truly embed the improved behaviours across the organisation in a supportive environment.

With substantial experience working with Regional Councils and Government departments throughout Australia and abroad, LogiKal understands their key challenges and can draw on their extensive experience delivering projects to provide an appropriately robust solution to improve how they govern and manage the delivery of improvement projects.

Like to know more about what LogiKal has achieved for their Government clients? Check out some of our case studies and then give your local LogiKal office a call and we would be happy to put you in contact with one of our Government Sector specialists to share some of the lessons (‘the good, the bad and the ugly’) we have learnt in successfully transforming Government organisations and delivering reform nationally, regionally and locally.

Sector Lead: Jason Cooper

Jason has over 10 years’ experience in the project management vertical, where he has resourced major project teams. He has worked in both the UK and Australia delivering project management solutions by partnering with clients, consultancies and contractors. Jason’s strengths are in business development and key account management. He has an extensive international project management network which he draws on to deliver solutions to his clients.

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Gympie Regional Council- Training & Capability

LogiKal was engaged to carry out a council wide review and identify and improve project management capability within the council.

City of Cockburn - Training & Capability

LogiKal was engaged by the City of Cockburn to enhance Project Management capability.

Gympie Regional Council - Management Information Systems

LogiKal were engaged by Gympie Regional Council to implement a Project Management Framework.

Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale - Advisory

LogiKal was engaged by the executive team of the Shire to carry out a Project Management Maturity Assessment

Noosa Shire Council - Advisory

LogiKal was engaged to undertake a review of how projects were delivered within the council.