There are many excellent software products available to assist you with the control and management of your projects, programmes and portfolios. This includes tolls to control schedule, to monitor and manage risk, to create and manage budgets and to deal with contract administration and change. All of these tools individually can assist your management greatly. However, maximum value from a solution is only realised if these tools are well integrated through common data structures.

LogiKal Projects hold a range of reference models designed to be built and brought into operations rapidly; reducing your implementation costs and delivering value in a short time frame.

Integrated Project Controls Architecture

Application Management

Managing the internal configuration and day to day management of software solutions such as Primavera and Cobra

  • IT departments are not capable of adequately managing specialist business systems
  • Specialist Systems administrators are expensive and rare – have a specialist on call and only pay for what you use

Pre-Built Solutions/Software as a Service

Standardised software configurations designed by LogiKal (look to hand over responsibility to client)

  • We can help you build a fully integrated project controls system on demand
  • Improve your systems ROI by only paying for hardware when it is actually needed in business hours
  • Need more power at certain times of the month?
    • Use a dynamically sizing server pool to ensure your users work efficiently ensuring that you never pay for more than what is required
    • Amortise the cost of your hardware and software over the life of the project

Proof of Concepts and Systems Implementations

  • Iteratively develop your project controls solution. Dont waste money on a solution that does not work for your business
  • We don’t just sell the software, we implement it and make sure it works
  • We have the technical expertise to design enterprise grade solutions
  • We can bridge the gap between your business users and your technical staff

Business Process Design

  • Built and Designed by Industry Practitioners
  • We build processes that cater to the strengths and weaknesses of your application mix
  • We can offer process/workflow solutions using innovative technology solutions
  • Work faster and smarter. Truly involve all of the process stakeholders

Technical Support

Addressing problems with databases, networking, application hotfixes, client installation and rollout

  • We can talk your language AND solve technical problems
  • We support large user bases of project controls, planning and cost control systems on a daily basis
  • We can balance business needs with technical needs
  • In-country support