Getting your project controls data into the hands of the right stakeholder is critical in order to truly extract value from your controls solution, but reporting on your projects can be a very time consuming and resource hungry process, particularly if your controls team needs to compile information from multiple sources.

LogiKal Projects can help you to streamline your reporting and analysis process by automating the extraction and conversion of data from your source systems using innovative reporting and data analytics products that can turn your reporting cycle on its head, allowing on-demand reporting in simple to use dashboards where executives can drill into data to investigate project health. This allows your team to spend much more of their time analysing and responding to the data, therefore measuring the effectiveness of your project management. 

Planning and cost controls systems require specialised knowledge and training to run, not to mention expensive software licenses, but the data contained within them is critical for project managers and enterprise managers to make informed decisions. LogiKal can help to surface important information for the right people at the right time using innovative software products such as QlikView. Talk to us to discover how we can help.

Bespoke Dashboard and Analytics Development

  • Enabling you to control your costs better
  • Get the right information to the right people
  • Spend your time better analysing performance rather than collecting data.

LogiKal Analytics Data Connectors

Data connectors developed in-house by LogiKal that can automatically pull information from Primavera and Cobra (plus more at a later date) directly into QlikView. This will enable rapid development of reporting dashboards and performance analytics applications

  • Our solution handles archiving of historical data so you can see change over time (planning and cost control systems are temporal)
  • Our solution archives all of the critical system data even if you don’t need it right now (build in more functionality at a later date and have immediate access to historical trends)
  • You own the connector logic and can customise it however you like
  • Don’t get tied into a specific application analytics tool – Qlikview can extend into other areas of your business