Technology Solutions that will unlock your Project Potential

Good software is only one part of a successful technology solution. At LogiKal Projects we understand this and provide full solutions to our clients that consider the people, processes and systems that need to be put in place. We can do this because our consultants are project controls practitioners with real world experience.


We strive to unlock your controls staff from repetitive, inefficient processes and to provide greater understanding of your projects performance; giving you more time to understand and react to  the issues you face during project delivery.

Integration & Analytics

We do this in two ways.  Firstly by integrating the different tools through common data structures so that they work efficiently as a whole.  Secondly by providing analytic tools which extract data directly from the source systems and enable you to get a clear window on your performance information.


Whether your organisation is looking for a full project controls architecture implementation or a single system, LogiKal projects will deliver a solution designed to meet your specific needs.