Our consulting services are designed to help organisations operating in capital investment projects set up project controls, or to identify and plan improvements. They are co-ordinated and delivered primarily by our Principal or Senior Consultants, each of whom have been practitioners in multiple industries, and who work in styles that meet our values of integrity, approachability and commitment to deliver value for money.

Project Controls Maturity Assessments

This service provides a single or multi-project  site review of project controls capability using the Logikal Project Controls capability model.

We review maturity level against four elements of People, Process, Tools and Governance, and provide you with a view of best practice including a gap analysis together with some suggested strategies and priorities for improvement. We can help you position and articulate to your clients the benefits inherent in your areas of strength.

Finally we can use the maturity assessment to help you qualify the potential organisational benefits of investing in improving your project controls.

Business Case Development

Supports the development of a Business case for investment in project controls. This could cover an investment in people, process, systems, governance or any combination of these areas.

Our principal and senior consultants will identify and work with your stakeholders to define the as-is and desired to-be state and the options for achieving this. We will help position the business case to fund holders, clearly articulate the benefits to your project or organisation, and to plan for mitigation of any significant risks.

Project Controls Capability Development

This is a Consulting service where LogiKal will work with stakeholders (client) to help deliver a future desired to-be state across the elements of project controls and programme management.

We take a systematic approach by first mapping out the existing processes and assess whether they are fit for purpose alongside the current systems in place.

From this stage we work to best practice processes and optimise the alignment between cost engineering, finance and scheduling for the project team and the supply chain to ensure that all processes are fully accounted for.

Only then will we look to see which system best suits the functional requirements and have our consultants there to coaching/guiding project teams of implementation is necessary for improved project controls capability.

Programme & Project Gateway Assurance

Stakeholders often require independent assurance at several stages that projects are achieving the right confidence status on time and cost and have an adequate management solution to remain in control as they proceed. Our experts can review your project and provide you with the confidence, along with any recommendations for improvement.

Programme Management Office (PMO) Design & Set-Up

If the standardisation and centralisation of your project management practices would enable you to raise your Project Controls capability further, then LogiKals PMO design and set up is the solution. Working with you we will create a bespoke PMO solution tailored to your business needs and help you implement and manage the changes across your organisation. This is not just a value add proposition, but the creation of a centre of excellence and knowledge management, assuring the required standards of your Project Controls are embedded across your organisation.

Building Information Modelling for Project Controls

“Are you prepared for the government led initiative that fully collaborative 3D BIM shall be in place on all its projects by 2016?”

As part of our complete consulting service we can help build organisational capability to leverage BIM models for projects controls purposes. We can advise on strategies for inter-operability of systems, project- controls friendly BIM data standards, off the shelf system selection and integration, linking schedule and cost components to BIM components, and utilising 3D models within the construction phase.

Technology Solutions

Good software is only one part of a successful technology solution. At LogiKal Projects we understand this and provide full solutions to our clients that consider the people, processes and systems that need to be put in place. We can do this because our consultants are project controls practitioners with real world experience.

Integrating change management into your planning and controls systems is often overlooked, yet this element of project management is critical to the day to day operation of a successful project. LogiKal Projects Consultants are experienced project managers that can help you with the definition of integrated processes and can offer innovative technology solutions to fit within a multitude of project environments to enable successful change.

Talk to us to discover how you could implement integrated change management that offers:

  • Web-based workflow system accessible by both project teams and other external stakeholders (clients and sub contractors)
  • Excellent system for recording the who, what, when, why of change requests and other time critical processes
  • Very flexible development system

Available as hosted or in house solution.