Established in 2002, LogiKal Projects now has five offices worldwide based in the UK, Australia and Hong Kong.  The business is dedicated to supporting and partnering with clients with the establishment and delivery of Project Performance Management solutions.

We believe that complex projects and portfolios need project controls in order to enable management to understand status and to take appropriate action to steer to successful outcomes. We have a track record of helping clients to establish solutions which are appropriate to the risks they face in managing delivery.  This approach has enabled us to develop successful long-term partnerships with both client and contracting organisations and a reputation for delivering highly effective solutions.

Our services include Consulting and Advisory, Transitional and Operational Support, Learning and Development and Technology Solutions.

Working across a range of industries (rail, oil and gas, roads, power, utilities, airports, mining, water and defence), we focus on the three dimensions People, Process and Systems as the route to successful Project Performance Management solutions.


We enhance your resource, through the provision of performance management experts individually or in teams.


We support the establishment and delivery of a well conceived, integrated process set as the basis for effective project controls.


We have a dedicated team of experts with experience of building and maintaining systems which supports effective project controls process.