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Logikal conducted an extensive industry survey 12 months ago into the correlation between Project Controls and project success in organisations globally.

The survey revealed clear views that:

  • Effective Project Controls are strongly associated with project success
  • Many organisations still have relatively low maturity in the way in which they set up and practice Project Controls
  • Processes and systems remain relatively unsophisticated in many organisations

This year we aimed to use our survey to expand our understanding of the underlying reasons which give rise to organisations driving up the maturity of their Project Controls solutions or conversely not doing so.

As with our 2016 survey, this year we also asked questions across the core areas of; people, processes & systems as well as project intelligence (reporting), and the benefits of Project Controls.

Please click here to download the report.


Thank you to all who contributed to this invaluable piece of research. We would encourage you to share this report with colleagues across the industry and welcome any discussions based on our findings.